Summer Camp Tips


We strongly suggest the use of sunscreen and hats. Each child must bring his/her own sunscreen. Monitors CANNOT apply sunscreen without a written parent’s permission. If you would like your child’s monitor to apply sunscreen, please fill out and return the permission link, to your child’s monitor.


The children should be appropriately dressed for the weather. On rainy days, please make sure that your child arrives at camp with rain wear.


Please make sure that your child’s monitor is aware of who will be authorized to pick them up. If for some reason another person (other than the authorized person) will be picking up your child, please make sure to inform the monitor. Remember, this procedure is put in place for the safety of your child.


Make sure to read weekly schedules carefully as they will give you the necessary details about the week’s activities (extra costs, equipment, etc.).

Camp Shirts

Camp shirts will be distributed. One is included in the price of registration. Please ensure that your child wears his/hers every day.