St Raymond Community Center

St-Raymond Community Centre


The Centre communautaire de Saint-Raymond is managed by Comité Jeunesse NDG. CJNDG representatives and 3 institutional representatives; Centre de Saint-Raymond is managed in partnership with la Ville de Montréal.


  • Build a healthy community and enhance the quality of life for the area and users through collaboration within the community, the borough and the partners, by developing both strong and active programs that include the multicultural, multi-faceted aspects of the community.
  • Advocate for recreation, sports, community and social development, and leisure activities, as they are essential to the individual as well as both families and the community.
  • Be a voice for community, in order to ensure fairness.
  • Help redevelop the community through leadership training, teaching and through the promotion of inclusiveness.
  • Respond to the diversity and changing needs of the members and the community.
  • Provide opportunities for education and community development.
  • Provide programs and activities that support wellness and healthy lifestyles.


    • Help develop both new community programs and build on existing ones.
    • Create partnership both in and outside the community.
    • Deliver effective and efficient programs.
    • Create equity within the program.
    • Develop a center and programs that meet the challenges of a changing community.