Comité Jeunesse N.D.G. supports over 100 community events through the use of sound, video projection equipment and games in the Borough of Côte-des-Neiges / Notre-dame-de-Grâce. These events include galas, volunteer evenings, award banquets and park festivals. Support for these events is offered to partner organisations by the city of Montreal.

The park festivals have entered into their sixth year of providing services to the community. From the first movie in the park with 60 people, to the park festivals with over 1500 citizens. CJNDG and our partners have provided services to over 72,000 citizens in 2008, through the special events program.

It is not an easy task to stage 70 special events in a six month period. These events take the planning of four partners and numerous hours. Over 95% of the work for these events is carried out by volunteers from various community groups.

The park festivals are sponsored by numerous organizations including Jeunesse Benny, Benny Camping Group. The movies presented at the festivals, are subsidized by the city of Montreal.


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